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High Efficiency 290w-340w 36V Black Mono Solar Panels with 72 Cells and A Grade Quality and Full Certifications and 25 Years Warranty for PV Power Plant and System
Raw Material characteristics
The use of high efficiency (16.5%) monocrystalline silicon Solar chip packaging to ensure that solar panels sufficient power generation.
(320-1100n) in the solar cell spectral response wavelength range of more than 91% of transmittance, and over $number nm, everbright in $number nm. High reflectivity. This glass can also control the sun's ultraviolet radiation, the transmittance does not drop.
Economic Value Added
There is a quality EVA film with a thickness of 0.78 mm as a sealant for solar cells and connectors with glass, TPT using anti-ultraviolet, antioxidants and curing agents. With high transmittance and anti-aging ability.
The solar cell covers the fluorine plastic film is white, reflects the solar light, so the efficiency of the components slightly improved, and because of its high infrared emissivity, but also reduce the working temperature of components, but also to improve the efficiency of the component. Of course, this fluorine plastic film first and solar cell packaging materials need to anti-aging, corrosion resistance, gas tightness and other basic requirements.
Adopt aluminum alloy frame, high strength, strong ability of resisting mechanical impact. This is also part of the high value of home solar energy. Its role is to convert the sun's radiation capacity into electricity, or to send batteries to store, or to promote load work.
Basic Info.
Model NO.:CNSDPV300(72)M6-50/45
Warranty:25 Years
Number of Cells:72pcs
Application:Light Industry
Certification:UL, ISO, CB, CE, TUV.CQC
Material:Monocrystalline Silicon
Origin:Shandong Province, China
Product Description
300W Black Mono Solar Module
Rated maximum power(Pmax): 300W
Open circuit voltage (Voc): 44.80V
Short circuit current (Isc): 8.78A
Maximum power voltage (Vmp): 36.10V
Maximum power current (Imp): 8.32A
Cell efficiency (%): 17.44%
Max system voltage (V DC): 1000V DC
Temperature coefficient of Voc: -0.340%/ºC
Temperature coefficient of Isc: +0.049%/ºC
Temperature coefficient of power: -0.430%/ºC
Maximum Series Fuse Rating: 18A
Solar cell and configuration: 72pcs(6*12) in series, 156*156mm monocrystalline
Junction box: IP65, 1000V DC, TUV certificated; 6PCS Schottky By-pass diodes
Cable type Cable: cross section size 4mm², TUV certificated, 0.9m length:MC4
Encapsulation: Low iron tempered glass, 3.2mm thickness, light transmission above91%, TPT and fast cure EVA
Frame: Clear anodized aluminum alloy, 50/45mm thickness, black
Dimension(L*W*H): 1956*990*50/45mm(CNSDPVXXX(72)M6-50/45/35)
Weight: 23.5±1kg(CNSDPVXXX(72)M6-50) 22.5±1kg(CNSDPVXXX(72)M6-45)
Heavy mechanical load salient features: 5400PA (according to IEC61215)
Hail impact test: Diameter 25mm ice ball, 23m/s
Operating temperature: -40ºC-+85ºC
Warranty: 25 years products warranty. The output power is not less than 90% in 10 years and is not less than 80% in 25 years.
Standard test conditions: STC:AM=1.5,1000W/m²,cell temperature 25ºC
Power tolerance: ±3%(can be provided 0-+3%)
If you're interested in our high efficiency 290w-340w 36v black mono solar panels with 72 cells and a grade quality and full certifications and 25 years warranty for pv power plant and system, please be free to buy the quality, durable and cheap solar equipment with our professional suppliers. We are equipped with a productive factory at your service.China Black Solar Panel factory
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