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Quick Details
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Puxun battery
Model Number: 72V battery pack
Type: Li-Ion
Nominal Voltage: 72V
Size: 70*80*200mm
Nominal Capacity: 12Ah
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: 72V li-ion battery pack standard packing, according to the International Airway regulations
Delivery Detail: 1week
72V li-ion battery pack
1.smart BMS
2.option cells samsung, panasonic, sony, sanyo
3.2years warranty
72v high voltage battery wiht smart BMS detail specs as follows:
Product Description
1 Voltage 72V high voltage battery
2 Capacity Typical: 12Ah 0.2C discharge after full charge.
Min: 11.5Ah
3 Charge Voltage 84V±0.1V
4 Impedance 250mΩ(Max)
5 Charging Mode C.C/C.V. Constant Current to Constant Voltage
6 Charging Method Standard Charging 2A
Fast Charging 4A
7 Charging Time Standard Charging 8H
Fast Charging 4H
8 End of Discharge Voltage 60V±0.05V
9 Overcharge Voltage 84±0.025V
10 Over Discharge Voltage 30V±0.05V
11 Max Discharge Current 20A
12 Short Circuit Recover after removing the short circuit load
13 Operating Consumption Current 20uA (Max)
14 Operating Temperature Charging -20~45℃
Discharging -20~60℃
15 Storage Temperature -5℃-35℃ Storage capacity should be 40%~50% full charge capacity
16 Cycle Life 1000cycles after 1000cycels,remain 70% capacity
Notice: Cuostomize li-ion 72v battery pack 24V, 36V, 48V with different capacity. If it is not what you find, please contact us. china Lifepo4 Battery factory
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