Pipe 3T90W wholesale paprika oleoresin oil soluble

wholesale paprika oleoresin oil soluble

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Honglv Capsaicin special offer colorless water soluble Capsaicin Liquid
Honglv CapsaicinĀ® offer all specifications of capsaicin powder to meet the market request, and also customize the special chili products with different level of SHU.
Capsaicin Specification from Honglv CapsaicinĀ®
Soluble Capsaicin Liquid SHU Colorless Water Soluble Capsaicin liquid Characteristics
- 1% 150,000 SHU - Colorless or light yellow liquid
- Quick, complete soluble in water
- Pure flavor or smelled evenly
- Natural extract, safe for human, animals, and environment.
- 2% 300,000 SHU
- 4% 600,000 SHU
You can review our natural capsaicin powder MSDS, COA, Data Sheet here, for more details, please get contact with us via info@sinochili.com
Colorless water soluble Capsaicin liquid Application
1. In Food additives, such as instant noodle, cooked meat, frozen food, puffed food, spicy food, biscuit and etc.
2. Capsaicin powder can be used in dietary supplement, as the Finest ingredients for loss weight cream or supplement.
3. In anti-riot equipment, tear gun, defense weapons.
4. Toxic metal-based anti-foulants, pepper spray and pain-killer plaster
Natural Capsaicin liquid Packing, Storage and Shelf Life
- 500g/PVG Bottle, 1Kg/PVG Bottle, 5Kg/PVG Bottle, 20Kg/PVG Bottle (package details please check here, if you need customized package, please get contact with us, info@sinochili.com)
- Capsaicin is highly pungency, Store in airtight containers in cool, dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat. Keep out of reach by untrained persons.
- 18 months if stored under ideal conditions.
Should the natural colorless water soluble capsaicin liquid, hot chili capsaicin extract for supplement caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the food additive products for sale from our factory. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers, we can assure you that it will supply great benefits to your health. Don't hesitate to wholesale the online offer products with our distributor any more.wholesale paprika oleoresin oil soluble
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