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The Explosion Of HR Websites Requiring Logins

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If you are looking for work, these days, you may have noticed the EXPLOSION of Human Resources websites requiring that you create a unique login and password before you can use their services.

I've been watching this develop for 15 years and I've been predicting problems for about that long. I think we're approaching critical mass, now.

Does this add value - and, if so, for whom?

Here's a list of HR sites I have in my password list:

01 - Athena Health
02 - Autodesk
03 - BigCommerce
04 - CapGemini
05 - CareerBuilder
06 - ClearFit
07 - CyberCoders
08 - DICE
09 - DPI - Disabled Persons, Inc
10 - Esurance
11 - FDB Health
12 - GovernmentJobs.com
13 - HCA
14 - HRM Direct
15 - Hewlett-Packard
16 - JobScore
17 - Johnson & Johnson
18 - LBGT CareerLink
19 - LinkedIn
20 - LucasFilm
21 - Merit System Service
22 - Natus
23 - Pacific Gas & Electric
24 - Pixar
25 - San Francisco State University
26 - Sony
27 - TechFetch
28 - TheLadders
29 - TrueAbility
30 - US Cellular
31 - United Health Group
32 - University of San Francisco
33 - Velvet Jobs
34 - Xerox

(I deleted half a dozen from the above list.)

It seems like I'm adding a few more every day, now.

Also, what do readers think of websites like TrueAbility, that attempt to gauge one's UNIX skills ... but require that you use a Windows or Macintosh browser, in order to access their tests?

The whole thing seems amazingly brain-dead.

Why not just invite your candidate in and have them sit down at a computer and show you what they are comfortable doing?

Unless, of course, you, the interviewer, don't understand what it is that we computer people do.

But if that's true, why are YOU interviewing us?
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You said it! (Score: 1)

by bsdguy@pipedot.org on 2015-02-26 10:59 (#3VSW)

You have summed up my thoughts exactly. Yesterday I had a recruiter ask me if I knew LAMP. Mind you Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl are all on my CV.

recruiter: I do not see LAMP do you know LAMP
me: Did you read my CV
recruiter: Yes but I do not see LAMP
me: Do you know what LAMP means?
recruiter: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
me: Do you see those on my CV anywhere?
recruiter: Yes, but I still do not see LAMP

May the Gods save us from recruiters and HR staff like that!