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machined part

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Main cooperators :
Harvard University
Cobham Group
ESAB Automation
India GE
Any requirements about slip rings & 360°rotary solutions or machined parts , please feel free to contact sales@btslipring.com,our staff would definitely reply you within 24 hours (within 8 hours for Asia customers)!
Slip rings can be used in any electro-mechanical system that requires unrestrained , continuous rotating while transferring power or data from a stationary to a rotating structure, Such as the application of Aerospace,Defence /Military, Marine, Antenna , Wind turbine, Crane,Agriculture machines, Auto-wrapper , Test equipment , etc…
Ou p recise machine parts are very flexible in dimension ( from milimeters to meters) and materials (Delrin,Ultem,PE1000,SS,AL,Copper...) , they are widely used in industry &military machines and equipments. All tolerance is compliance with GB/T18042000!
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