Pipe 3VTG4 drill pipe for sale

drill pipe for sale

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Shaanxi hai nai sen Petroleum Technology Co.,Ltd is engaged in the diamond drill bit, diamond core bit, geological exploration and mining bit of research and development, manufacturing and sales. Company located in JingWei Development Zone In Xi'an City it across 2 rivers, with convenient transportation, rich products, good folkway and beautiful scenery。Company was established early and has formed a good market segments, but also have a good reputation in the industry, Companies adhere to the long-term development path.
Shaanxi hai nai sen Petroleum Technology Co.,Ltd. has many excellent experts, they are engaged in research of diamond bit, geological mining bits, design and manufacture. using advanced technology at home and abroad, aiming at different strata, geology, mine design diamond bits for oil of PDC , various types of Diamond Core Bits, geological mining drill bit, company also produce grinding shoes, set of downhole tools such as mill。
With the integrity and efficient on-site service, Shaanxi hai nai sen Petroleum Technology Co.,Ltd is widely recognized by the drilling and geological coal companies, companies were set up direct project department in Yanan, Yulin, Sichuan, Xinjiang, NorthChina, Taiyuan, Linfen, Songyuan,Gansu, Inner Mongolia. The company carries out the SY/T5217-2000 and APISpec7-1 standards, implement the ISO9001-2008 quality management system, The company always adhere to the "excellent quality, honest and trustworthy, improvement innovation, satisfied service" principle , Willing to work with new and old customers sincere cooperation, To provide customers with reliable quality products and satisfactory after-sales servicedrill pipe for sale
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