Pipe 412EY China Multi-function Video Track

China Multi-function Video Track

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Tracking Shooting: the mini video camera slider can easily keep the target in frame and the focus on the target no matter where you move your camera, perfect for interview shots
Panoramic Shooting: the mini video camera slider can capture 0 by 120spherical pan-shot, this is a must needed tool for Landscape photography
Linear Shooting: the mini video camera slider can slide as a common slider to capture your target from far to near, left to right
Small size and portable design: the mini slider’s length is only 28cm and the weight is only 538g
12 month warranty from the date you get the goods, US local company

Product properties: Manual Camera Dolly Slider
Size: 11inch
Slide length: 10.4inch
Slide rail weight:1.2pound
Load-bearing: 11pounds

Package Content:
1 x Manual mini Camera slider
1 x Box
For Cameras up to 1.5kg
1/4" thread screw for all kinds of SLR cameras, Smart phone or GOPRO, can be installed on tripod to adjust the angle.
Mini size & light weight
Small size and portable design. The length is only 28cm and the weight is only 528g.
High precision bearing
4 high precision bearing ensures both smooth
motion and minimum abrasion.
Aluminum rail
High-grade aluminum material and processing technology.Easy carry package
Package with cardboard box and PE foam.
Easy to carry and protect the mini slider when shipping.
Product Description:
This aluminum alloy mini video camera slider is specialized to support your camera/camcorder for video recording, stably and smoothly.
Small size and portable design, the length is only 28cm and the weight is only 538G.
The slider is equipped with 1/4 inches and 3/8 inches threaded holes for different photographic devices, a bubble level to indicate your slanting degree.
You can adjust the middle rod along the diagonal for common shooting, achieving follow focus shooting, panoramic shooting.
The slider can be used on the ground or worked with a tripod, it can be directly connected with the camera or indirectly connected with cameras via ball head.

How is the movement rate controlled? How is it kept a smooth and even rate?
It's like any manual slider. your hand controls the movement. There is a friction knob but its best to just make it slide free, and use your hand to guide it. honestly for the money, this is a great deal. Getting something with motion control or some kind of tension base limiter costs 800-1500 bucks. I see this in my bag, and use it quite a bit. usually as an after thought, but since its so small, its easy to just slap it on the tripod and get a few inches of movement to improve the shot.

What is its size? Slider can be placed in the shoulder bag?
Camera track for 11 inches, bigger than Apple's mobile phone, carrying very convenient, can be placed in the shoulder bag.

What’s the weight capacity of the slider?
The instructions say: Convey Weight 11 LBS

Do I have a Canon 6d, can the slider be compatible?
Compatible with the camera as long as there are 1/4 and 3/8 screw ports, and these two sizes are compatible with most cameras and camera heads

What is the maximum shooting angle of the slider?
The maximum shoot angle of the camera slider is 120 degrees.

What is the weight of this camera slider?
The slider weighs only 1.2 pounds.
We deeply wish to provide customers with the first-rate products and service. Any question kindly please don't hesitate to contact us. A specialist will be in touch with you shortly.
China Multi-function Video Track
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