Pipe 41KV8 PARKING BARRIER Made in China


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Easy to Use
Touch the remoter to lower your automatic parking lock to lay flat, then drive your vehicle into parking space; When leaving, touch the remote, and your parking lock will automatically rise up to prevent anyone else from using your parking space.
Easy to Install
Fix parking lock onto the ground by expansion bolts, that is enough!
Rechargeable Battery with Long Continuous Use
The parking lock is powered by rechargeable battery. After being charged, it will lasts for about 1000 uses, or about 6 months continuous use. the parking lock comes with a recharging power pack
Anti-disconnecting for Power Safety
The power connection is anti-disconnecting design in case the use misplace the battery causing short circuit
the external force could not change the sway arm position when it is vertical; when the sway arm is forced to a horizontal position, it will reposition vertically, unless the user uses remote control to put it horizontally.
The transmission design on motor makes almost zero noise, which is good for battery and motor longevity and less friction, also goods for quiet environment.
Manual control in case of no power
In case the power is off, just manually control the parking lock in emergency.
Technical parameter:
SpecificationsTwo-way moving(Bi-directional)
Power resourcesSolar power
Moving Angle(°)180°
Time up/down(s)5
Solar panel size(mm)130*60*4.3
Height (up)(mm)320
Height (down) (mm)75
Battery (V, AH)6, 7
Quiescent current(MA)3.5
Working current(A)3.5
Voltage(V DC)6
Battery sustainable time for once charged(Months)3
Remote distance(m)≤15
Environment temperature(℃)-5+55PARKING BARRIER Made in China
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