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story imageWired has an interesting article about a new company, Goldiebox , who is making science and engineering toys targeted to young girls . Apparently, this new direction in play-education was not supported by the conventional toy industry, but through crowd-funding Goldiebox was able to break into the mass market and is going like gang-busters. Interesting quote from the CEO: "A lot of the men in the toy industry have daughters, and many of them are tired of what they have to offer their daughters, too."

There exist some very negative reviews (Score: 2, Interesting)

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As soon as I saw this story, I was excited, thinking that this was a great concept. After reviewing the Goldiebox web site, I wanted to order some of the products for my daughter.

However, before ordering, I looked around for some more information. I found that on Amazon, there are some very negative reviews. The negative reviews would have you believe that the toys have serious short-comings in the execution of the great concept. For example there were repeated complaints about the toys being frustrating.

There were also a lot of positive reviews, but the negative reviews might keep me from ordering. I do like the concept though.
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