Cincinnati Bell to shutdown telegraph service, dating from 1800s

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If you thought your Internet service was slow, consider being a customer of Cincinnati Bell's 75 baud Telegraph Grade service, on offer to subscribers since the 1800s for low-speed stock quotes, telegrams, and office-to-home communications. But don't consider it too long, because the service is about to be discontinued.

Remarkably, Cincinnati Bell still needs the permission of regulators to drop the Civil War era telegraph service and reminded regulators the change will have no impact on the "public convenience and necessity" because there have been no customers for the service for a long time. Cincinnati Bell's request would have gone unnoticed if it wasn't for the long legacy of the telegraph era. Western Union dispatched its last telegram on Jan. 27, 2006, after 155 years of continuous service, and largely kept quiet about it.

Those nostalgic for telegrams might be interested to know another company has risen where Western Union left off. iTelegram promises to bring back the experience of a messenger at your front door, but it's a costly trip down Memory Lane. A Priority Telegram costs $28.95 + $0.75 per word and is delivered usually within 24 hours, and includes proof of delivery. Or you could send an e-mail for approximately nothing.

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I really wanted to send a telegram last year, and discovered that Western Union was out of the biz. I should have kept searching... That would have been perfect for the occasion. I guess an email worked well enough, but lacked the formality of the telegraph and required STOP formatting. Maybe I should have hired a sky writer? But then how do you make sure the recipient looks up?
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