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story imageIn 2014, the gaming industry presents a new landscape once again . All three of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have new consoles ( XBox One , Playstation 4 , and Wii U ), PC Gaming is back in a big way, and Valve is on the horizon with their new Steam Box platform . This says nothing about the emergence of mobile, casual, and free-to-play gaming paradigms as well.

With all the changes, ArsTechnica has suggested that the present business case(s) for Nintendo, in particular, are under severe threat and have offered up their suggestions for bringing Nintendo back to the fore . Ars' suggestions include: (1) target quantity over quality for their main franchises (a la Activision), (2) find the next game design visionary, and (3) go mobile and to the internet.

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If they spend more on hardware (and cut profit margins), then what? Then theyre only on a level playing field with Sony and Microsoft. Thats not enough to dig them out of their hole. Im supposing Im in the minority, but graphics got good enough in the PS3 gen, and the Wii-U is a little better than that. I see "next gen" videos, and it looks mostly the same to me.

Nintendo really needs third party support, but its not clear how to get companies to do it. Ive got Ninja Gaiden and Tekken on the Wii-U, but my other non Nintendo options are pretty darn limited in what interests me. I think Bayonetta 2 could have been the life perserver for the system, but its not due til around next Christmas which may be too late.

Not related to the article, but I totally disagree with their critisizms about the controller (aside from the no multiplayer issue which is rediculous). Id put the Wii-U controller as my second favorite of all time behind the Wavebird. I want Fatal Frame with this controller so bad. Which reminds me I have to offer up sacrifices in hopes it wont be region locked / Japan only.
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