smxi Makes Setting Up Debian a Breeze

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Typically, the install process doesn't stop with the installation of the base OS. You've still got to install and configure a lot of programs and drivers, for example: VirtualBox, Flash, LibreOffice, Java, and NVIDIA drivers, to name but a few. That takes time and energy.

Recently I needed a hard drive upgrade, and after trying out Xubuntu 14.04, I decided to stick with Crunchbang 11 . With a fresh installation, I needed to quickly get the applications that weren't an apt-get away. Enter smxi , a handy collection of scripts created to solve the frequent, repetitive support questions that often appear on IRC channels. Here's a guide showing how to set up smxi in Crunchbang.

How do you complete your config and install? What other tools and scripts are out there to ease the pain, particularly for multiple machines?

I hate to be a unix snob, but (Score: 1)

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(a) It's being distributed by an idiot, as zips are unable to preserve important file-system-related information (such as file permissions, including executability). Tar exists for a reason, and in fact predates zip by pretty much a whole decade. The fact that the instructions for use include a preparatory "install a package which will help you cope with our bizarre distribution medium" step is a tell-tale sign that it's not been designed particularly sensibly.
(b) actually, I don't hate to be a unix snob, I revel in it.
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