All I Want for Xmas Are Wolverine Claws and Magnetic Shoes

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Here's the world's biggest X-Men fan. Not only has he gained fame for building a set of fully operational, retractable Wolverine claws , he has now tipped his hat to Magneto by building a set of magnetic shoes that allow him to walk on the ceiling .

Gear up with these two things and your next office team meeting just got a lot more interesting.

Re: Awesome!! (Score: 1)

by on 2014-05-24 13:12 (#1WF)

Honestly, the gadgets themselves don't impress me that much; they are bulky and don't really do anything innovative. They are things people could have done for years but haven't because, frankly, the disadvantages by far outweigh any any advantages (although the sparking claws were a nice touch)

But you gotta admire that guy's enthusiasm.
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