Military Tech increasingly following sci-fi

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story imageWith upheaval in the Crimea, Iraq, and elsewhere again overwhelming the news, the military and their hardware are again in the forefront of everyone's consciousness. Good time then to see what kind of tech soldiers are using or will soon be using on the battlefield.

Not surprisingly, the tech pioneered by Oculus Rift is extremely interesting to military planners . But as real life mirrors sci-fi and even comic books, it might be a surprise to see the military is now debuting an Iron Man suit to protect its troops .

If the junction of hardware and battle tech interest you, you'll be disappointed to know you just missed a big trade show in Paris where you could come browse the latest and greatest, presumably in the presence of hostile governments planning on using the same equipment against you! Don't worry, there will be others - the military market isn't going to disappear any time soon.

Re: Early development with excess hype (Score: 1)

by on 2014-06-17 20:51 (#24Y)

So if we were to cite the daft song harder, better, faster, stronger - they're hoping to get stronger. The kevlar would give them harder. Faster maybe with some extra training to handle increased body speeds, I wonder what that might look like. And better, that question is best left up to the troops.
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