Tesla Model 3

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story imageTesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has revealed plans for a new electric BMW 3 Series rival, including its name - Tesla Model 3. There were rumours that a new smaller Tesla Gen III model was to be called Model E, but in one of his most candid interviews yet, Musk revealed why he had to have a rethink on the name.

Gizmodo thinks this model will be a game changer. Why? For starters: it's a consumer model, priced at $35,000 (a third the price of previous models), and the range is double previous models at 200 miles. Lastly, now that they're opening up the battery tech there is an overt effort to make sure you can charge one of these things anywhere, anytime. Check out the Gizmodo article for some breathless comparisons to Henry Ford's Model T. But it does look like getting a Tesla is about to become a much more obvious option for the casual consumer.

Nissan Leaf (Score: 3, Informative)

by zenbi@pipedot.org on 2014-07-17 15:03 (#2HR)

I have a Nissan Leaf that I use as my daily driver. I can go a respectable 70 miles per day around town on my normal 80% charge. Every night when I park it in the garage, I plug it into the standard 110V wall charger. Although I have the faster 220V charger, the charge time is never an issue as it charges overnight.

Because I still own my previous gas powered vehicle, I've never tried going on a road trip where I have to rely on third party charging stations. Living in San Antonio, for example, I would have to stop twice to get to the coast - each stop being several hours.
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