Your eyeball is your password

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Interesting things brewing over at Google, where two recent patents show a push to operationalize new technology that lets you unlock a device using a retinal scan.
The process has three steps:
Receiving light on an iris of an eye
Detecting, at one or more light sensors disposed on or within a transparent lens covering at least a portion of the eye, light reflected from the light incident on the iris of the eye, wherein the light reflected comprises image data indicative of a pattern associated with the iris.
Outputting an iris fingerprint based in part on the image data
A related patent looks at an encoded contact lens and its application. Perhaps the days of Google Glass will be numbered, as the fashion-conscious will quickly move right to the next, obvious step.

Re: Your eyeball is your USER ID! (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2014-07-27 20:28 (#2NT)

Really, it's neither. It is sort of public, exceedingly difficult to copy, and cannot be replaced. But acting as a userID, it would still be needed for access. So even if they did get a password somehow, they would need to steal your eyes anyway.

New technology often isn't analogous to old ones.
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