FFmpeg back in Debian

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More than 3 years ago, January 2011, ffmpeg was forked by a part of the development team into libav. Then, by the end of that year, the fork had replaced FFmpeg in Debian's packages, with, notably, the binary in the ffmpeg package marking itself as deprecated and recommending users to use avconv instead. As the split didn't happen in the most friendly way (to say the least), these events sparkled a lot of debates and flames and it is quite difficult to find articles on the topic that are not biased one way or the other.

In November 2013, a bug report was filed for Debian to reintroduce an actual ffmpeg package and all the associated libraries. Fast forward to mid-September 2014, after some technical discussions and soname changes (all ffmpeg-related libraries with a libav* name have been renamed into libav*-ffmpeg), ffmpeg has been quietly reintroduced in Debian unstable and it might even be just in time to be included for release in Jessie.

Let's hope this solution where both versions can co-exist will help calm things down.

Re: Debian is a dying project. (Score: 1)

by seriously@pipedot.org on 2014-10-03 09:06 (#2T2H)

I could make a lengthy comment about why I think the original AC is wrong (also evilpiper already made a good point over here) and why his post qualifies as a rant (the Troll mod might be exagerated ... or not, let the mods decide), but instead I will summarize my thoughts in the standard good old-fashioned way:
Debian is a dying project.
[citation needed] (insert netcraft-related jokes here)

disclaimers: I did not downmod the original AC but I won't upmod it either
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