Nissan has built an Electric Pickup, and you can't have one

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Anyone who doesn't have a pickup needs a friend with one. The design's utility is timeless, as is our occasional need to haul cargo. We're still waiting for an electric pickup, but in the meantime here's Sparky, a converted Nissan Leaf. Engineers Roland Schellenberg and Arnold Moulinet, eager to do a little team-building and create a cool way of moving stuff around Nissan's 3,050-acre Stanfield, Arizona testing facility, led the project.

The front-half is original, but the bed comes from a Nissan Frontier pickup truck. The rear section of the cabin came from a junk Nissan Titan, complete with a power rear window.

Another option is the ultra-lightweight 275 lb (125 kg) GO-Easy trailer that the smallest cars, or even a motorcycle can easily tow. It also converts into a tent trailer for camping.

Re: Not a pickup (Score: 1)

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Bah. Pickups changed in 1997 and they ain't been the same since.

...says the person driving a 1991 F-350.
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