Apple's New MacBook

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story imageToday, as reported by many outlets, Apple announced a new 12" MacBook. The main takeaways are:I am definitely a fan (pun intended) of quiet laptops with no moving parts that can still handle a full desktop OS. This is also one of the first retail devices with the new reversible USB connector that really can't get here fast enough.

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Better yet, anyone remember early notebook docking ports? Nearly always expensive and vendor-specific. Many required you to turn off the computer before connecting or disconnecting the dock. Current notebooks, instead of a dock, you just plug in the power cord + a monitor cord + a USB keyboard/mouse cord + maybe a network cord. I can see the allure of using just one cable to do it all.

What is more worrying is that USB is so powerful, that it can do potentially damaging things to you unknowingly. Is that free thumb drive really just a thumb drive? Or does it have some nefarious keyboard controller on it as well, ready to spawn an xterm and wget a binary from the net as soon as you plug it in.
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