Apple's New MacBook

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story imageToday, as reported by many outlets, Apple announced a new 12" MacBook. The main takeaways are:I am definitely a fan (pun intended) of quiet laptops with no moving parts that can still handle a full desktop OS. This is also one of the first retail devices with the new reversible USB connector that really can't get here fast enough.

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For me, it wasn't the electrical pins that broke, but the small rectangular "key" pin (the thing in the middle made of plastic) that would shear off and stay stuck in the motherboard's connector. This had the unfortunate effect of screwing up the motherboard port (expensive) instead of the mouse or keyboard port (cheap).

Afterwards, the "hack" to use the screwy motherboard with a different mouse was to break off the perfectly good plastic pin of the new mouse so that you could insert the connector all the way.
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