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When submitting a story for a piece of news, which site do you link to? Depending on the popularity of the news, many dozens of organizations may have written an article on the topic. Some articles may lack proper grammar/citations or exist behind a paywall. Some sites may have abusive advertisements or frivolous JavaScript usage. You can exclusively use your favorite source, or link to several of the more popular news sites, or simply rely on the user to search for more information.

To help readers find more information, the site will now include a “Similar” button at the bottom right of the story box. Clicking on the link will show you a list of similar news articles to current topic.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have also noticed a new “Inline Reply” option in their profile settings. After a few weeks of limited roll-out, this option is now enabled by default for logged in users. Of course, you should have JavaScript enabled to use this new feature.

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Also would be handy to distinguish original source and possibly original research papers the report is based on (if applicable). Yea, I know, you can't add something good without requests for more, but my compliments to you for helping us cut through the clutter.
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