Microsoft donates over $25,000 to support OpenSSH

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Microsoft has become The OpenBSD Foundation's first ever Gold contributor ($25,000 to $50,000), in large part due to the OpenSSH project. The donation was made following the PowerShell's Team's blog last month, announcing their future plans to implement the widely requested SSH protocol. In recent years, and attributed to change in leadership, Microsoft has done an about face in support of open-source, beyond just pushing .NET.

The Foundation helps fund work on some widely distributed, under-funded open source projects, including OpenBSD, OpenBGPD, LibreSSL, and OpenNTPD, to name a few. This donation is a boon to the cash strapped projects, where users often out-donate corporations, who directly profit from the software. The 2015 fund raising campaign has raised $125,000 which just tops last year's contributions after the fallout of OpenSSL, and the branch of LibreSSL.

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of course i went to try this - and was surprised to find that 'edit' was only for 16 & 32 bit systems. microsoft's professional recommendation is to use notepad; i guess that probably sums up the state of affairs in microsoft's "give a s***" dept. 'Why CLI when you can GUI?' :/
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