Monday Poll: why I love Pipedot

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Our Monday poll is essentially a blatant pitch by zafiro17 for site feedback. I personally bounce among several sites for my tech news but always find myself back at Pipedot, and that got me thinking about what I like about the site that keeps me coming back for more. In this Borda poll you'll find choices related to the subject matter and the community, but also a small subset of some of the technical innovations that make Pipedot unique. Rank your choices from 1 (the strongest reason I like the site) and continue downward, assigning 2 to your second strongest preference, and so on.

For a list of some of Pipedot's features, check out the Pipedot category of this site: there are possibly some you haven't discovered yet. If I've forgotten anything, tell us about it in the comments.

Re: Not because polls are in polls... (Score: 1)

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Agreed, let me see if I can figure out how to do it ... I'm simply linking to the poll's URL.
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