What do you use for an ergonomic workstation?

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story imageFirst it was ergonomic keyboards and mice, then ergonomic keyboard trays and lumbar-support chairs. Standing desks came next, and as XKCD points out, we're not done yet. No surprise then, that the SXSW event led to display of some new ideas, such as Martin Keen's new Leaning chair, basically a repurposed tractor seat posted at an angle.

How do you stay comfortable for the 23.5 hours that you are parked in front of a computer? And with all this ergonomic stuff, when will the madness end?

Re: Are Aeron chairs worth it? (Score: 1)

by guises@pipedot.org on 2014-03-19 02:53 (#NT)

If you happen to be in/around New York, the Business and Science Library has knock-off Aeron chairs. I don't know the brand, but they're pretty terrific. It's a nice library too.
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