BSDNow episode 111: Xenocratic Oath

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This week on BSD Now, the *BSD communities' podcast - OpenBSD developer Brandon Mercer discusses the state of IT in health care; The NetBSD 7.0 Release, and other headlines:
  • Building your own OpenBSD based Mail server
  • Recipe for building a 10Mbps FreeBSD based router
  • Getting started with OpenBSD's new UEFI bootloader
  • CloudFlare develops interesting new netmap feature
  • "Open Source as a Career Path" FreeBSD panel discussion
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Re: Too long (Score: 1)

by on 2015-10-24 17:25 (#RGF2)

Personally, I tend to consume it as a magazine - only jump to the topics i'm interested in; occasionally i'll take in the whole episode, start to finish - just some topics don't interest me.

But it is nice that there is enough going on in the *BSD world to fill the time each week.
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