Story 2014-05-19 3M6 Solar ally against the spread of malaria

Solar ally against the spread of malaria

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story imageAlmost everyone has dealt with those annoying little buggers that like to bite and suck your blood during the summer months. In less fortunate parts of the world the situation is much more serious with the dangers of blood borne pathogens such as malaria. The mainstay has been to distribute and use mosquito nets .

After seeing earlier in the week what some people are trying to do with solar power and roadways, I ran across this cost effective device which helps stop the spread at the source and save lives.
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I've lived in malarial countries for well over a decade, so malaria is on my mind. I check the kids' room twice before going to bed to make sure no mosquitos are in there. But this thing isn't great. A bubbler that you have to put in each and every source of still water? Why not dump out the water? How many would you need? Maybe if you have a water fountain or something, but in most of the malarial south, this wouldn't quite do it.

Scientists posit malaria is the single strongest evolutionary force on the human genome at the moment. After nearly nine years in West Africa, I'm convinced it's true.