Story 2014-08-17 3Y2 4chan post screenshot sells for $90K

4chan post screenshot sells for $90K

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story imageWhat is art? Depends on who you ask. But according to anonymous over 4chan, "Art used to something you cherish. Now literally anything is art. This post is art." Precient! Because a screenshot - flash glare and all - of that post has just been sold on an ebay art market for over ninety thousand dollars.
An eBay auction for “Artwork by Anonymous,” which is a 4chan screenshot printed out on regular printer paper (pictured above), sold this weekend for $90,900 after 45 bids. The piece, if we’re really going to take this seriously, asks you to consider whether or not society has an eroded definition of what we cherish as art. Looking at this auction, we’re thinking it does.

This is the entire product description:

“This auction is for a One of a Kind work of art by Anonymous. This work is untitled. This item will be shipped in a frame for convenience.
If you think about it, it's a pretty great deal, since that convenient frame was thrown in for free. A+++, would buy again.
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New law of artwork valuation... (Score: 1)

by on 2014-08-17 23:21 (#3YB)

The more stupid and ugly something is, the higher price it will go for. This is not to say that there are not insightful and beautiful things that are also expensive. It is just that you can always find something worse selling for more money.<P>Is it a general rule that anywhere you see a non-monoticity in a value-price curve, there's a point of attack?

Re: New law of artwork valuation... (Score: 1)

by on 2014-08-18 06:17 (#3YJ)

45 bids is interesting. I'd love to know how many bidders there were - was it a bidding war between two people or was there serious competition among many?

A fool and his money are soon parted (Score: 1)

by on 2014-08-17 23:58 (#3YC)

The Internet is full of one-off examples of silly over priced auctions and purchaces. This doesn't nessesarily mean that such an item could command that price again, but more like some fool with too much money decided to blow some of it on something they thought would be funny, or would give them the impression of novelty.And so on...

Re: A fool and his money are soon parted (Score: 1)

by on 2014-08-18 04:26 (#3YH)

Also a lot of those auction winners will never actually pay.