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First Tizen Phone Released

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story imageSamsung has finally released Tizen OS on a phone, something they've been planning on doing since 2012. Tizen has a strange, strange history, half Intel, half Nokia, half Samsung, supported by the Linux foundation for reasons unknown. Now apparently its making its debut in India on a budget phone. Ars has a comprehensive review.
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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-02-07 22:21 (#2WZ2)

half Intel, half Nokia, half Samsung. So we got 150% history before adding the Linux foundation.

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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-02-07 22:28 (#2WZ3)

Well, the parts might simply overlap, like this:

Intel: ++++----
Nokia: --++++--
Samsung: ----++++

(Sorry, I can't find a way to get preformatted text, so please copy/paste into a fixed width editor and adjust the spaces after the colons manually to understand the above)

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by on 2015-02-08 02:32 (#2WZ5)

Yup. Maybe I shouldn't editorialize in summaries That was supposed to be a subtle dig. It was half all of those things at one point. Or its parents/ grandparents/great grandparents were. Does a single code base evolve or does each big code merger result in a new child of the original? In any case its complicated. Imho, it was never really finished in any of its iterations. Maemeo was close. I think Nokiia would have been more successful not merging with Moblin to create Meego. I'm also confused as to why Samsung didn't just keep Bada going, other than the merge with Meego allowed them to say it had Linux foundation backing? I remember hearing war stories of Intel guys that were working on Meego when Samsung got involved and they were working towards tizen. Basically Samsung did giant code dumps ( from Bada) that completely wiped out code intel engineers had been working on for months. So apparently by all accounts Intel isn't really involved anymore.

I might go far enough to say that code base is cursed. I once really desired its promise in several forms, but now I'd only take a device running it , if it were free.

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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-02-08 02:54 (#2WZ6)

Perhaps it is just really big. Like your mom. *ducks*