Story 2015-08-26 JJ6H Samsung's Note 5 gets good reviews despite shortcomings

Samsung's Note 5 gets good reviews despite shortcomings

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story imageIt's hard not to look at one of Samsung's flagship phablets without feeling a pang of nostalgia for Palm's products back in the day, stylus and graffiti handwriting recognition and all. Samsung bucked the trend as Steve Jobs defiantly maintained, "if your device has a stylus, you have failed." Instead, Samsung's Note line of devices use an integrated, touch-sensitive stylus to permit new applications and unlock new ways of interacting with software.

The Note is in its 5th incarnation in 2016. Engadget has taken a look at it and finds it pretty compelling overall, despite changes that will turn off many: no microSD support, no swappable battery, a wimpy single speaker, and only 32GB and 64GB options.
Let's cut to the chase: This is the most attractive, most comfortable-feeling Galaxy Note that Samsung has ever made. ... The generous curve of the backplate and the trimmed-down bezels surrounding the 5.7-inch, Quad HD, Super AMOLED screen make the Note 5 much easier to hold than any of the previous-gen Notes, ... More importantly, the screen is an absolute champ under the sweltering summer sun. With brightness cranked up all the way, I had no trouble ... If you've fiddled with a Galaxy S6, you know exactly what to expect here. The Note 5 comes with a TouchWiz-ified version of Android 5.1.1, and once again, I appreciate the lighter touch Samsung has been taking with its software. It's not my favorite skin and I still think it pales in comparison to the stock Google Now Launcher, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how much less obnoxious TouchWiz is these days. All of Samsung's mainstay features are here, and they all work as well as you'd expect them to.
Other reviews are similar. Check them out at Gizmodo and Tech Times. Forbes has discovered you can screw up your device by sticking the stylus in its receptacle the wrong way. So, don't do that then, dummy.
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Absolutely do not want (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-08-27 08:08 (#JKAQ)

I own both the Note 2 and the Note 4, which I am very happy with.

The previous generations of the note was the ultimate phone that had everything that apple devices didn't have - stylus, removable battery (so you can bring spare batteries on longer trips), extensible storage, relatively open for custom ROM installation, and yes, even cheap plastic. Now Samsung is turning away from everything that made their devices special, with the notable exception of the Stylus. Sorry, but the lack of removable battery and no SD card slot is an absolute deal breaker.

As I am quite happy with my Note 4 this is not too much of a deal for me right now, but when it evenutally breaks I will probably have to look elsewhere for a good phone. I am not looking forward to that.

Re: Absolutely do not want (Score: 1)

by on 2015-08-27 10:39 (#JKN6)

I've got the Note 3 and love it, too, and yes, the microSIM and removable battery are important. I was able to get a huge microSD card and put my entire itunes collection on it; I now have my entire music library on the phone. Looks like the new one wouldn't let me do that.

Samsung is struggling for marketshare and revenue these days - hard to explain why they'd take an anti-consumer move like this unless it helped them reduce price so significantly it facilitates them in some other way.

Re: Absolutely do not want (Score: 1)

by on 2015-08-27 11:45 (#JKTX)

So, what I am hearing is that the chances of picking up a Galaxy 4 Active (physical buttons!!!) clone, say as a Galaxy 8 Active, are zero to none and that I should buy a spare Active 4 now.

Catch failed and deleted my post. (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-11-25 05:07 (#VNRS)

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