Story 2015-08-27 JNE8 Microsoft releases sneak preview of Sharepoint 2016

Microsoft releases sneak preview of Sharepoint 2016

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story imageWork in just about any big office and you have almost certainly been subjected to a semi-built corporate Sharepoint site your boss or the HR department hopes you will use rather than circulating important documents via email. And if you are like most tech-savvy folks, you have found it bafflingly difficult to use.

Microsoft hopes to correct that well-deserved reputation, and is launching a preview of Sharepoint Server 2016 to raise expectations about the new product.
Microsoft says its made "deep investment in HTML5" to give you "capabilities that enable device-specific targeting of content. This helps ensure that users have access to the information they need, regardless of the screen they choose to access it on." And your users get a consistent experience whatever device they choose to wield, including on touch-enabled devices.

A new "cloud hybrid search" will permit users wielding "SharePoint Server 2013 and Office 365 to retrieve unified search results through a combined search index in Office 365."

The index for that search resides in Office 365, one of many features billed as letting you take advantage of hybrid cloud. The idea is that your on-premises SharePoint can pop the index, or other data, into Microsoft's cloud so you get the on-prem performance you want without having to bulk out yours servers. But of course you do get into PAYG territory with the cloud.
That certainly qualifies as what the Register calls "Buzzword Compliant" but maybe there's true improvement there, too. Search for the expression "Sharepoint sucks" today and you'll get 209,000 hits including this one. Stick around and see if next year Microsoft turns the corner and makes Sharepoint something people find useful and effective.
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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-08-28 02:56 (#JP9W)

Use Confluence. It is like Sharepoint from a technical point of view with the significant difference being that it does not suck monkey balls.

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by on 2015-09-04 20:56 (#KFJC)

Hmm... Haven't used share-point. Must be terrible if Confluence is that much better by comparison.

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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-09-05 05:33 (#KGCQ)

I admin both. SharePoint has its points. It can be useful. Once you customise past the out of the box it can be horrible. OTOH if you don't get apps for it then the functionality is quite limited. The plugin interface and controls are woeful. Development for can be terrible. If a third year group presented sharepoint as their final year project I would give them highest marks. In the real world, it is very lacking.

Sharepoint 2013 is 10 years behind where it should be. And yes, when your wiki gets big enough and complicated enough you need something better like Confluence.

If you want to try this for yourself then download a trial version of Windows Server 2012R2 and Sharepoint Foundation and SQL Server Express, install Sharepoint then know this yourself. Alternatively, several places offer Sharepoint instances. Microsoft Azure for a start. I suggest installing it yourself. Then you can roll around in the delight that is Sharepoint from the ground up.

Why the dislike of Confluence? Because they took away wiki markup?