Story 2015-11-27 VWVS Bosch's agricultural robot "Bonirob" gets rid of weeds without herbicides

Bosch's agricultural robot "Bonirob" gets rid of weeds without herbicides

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Back in 1950, a farmer would have been able to grow around 2,500 kilograms of wheat per hectare of cropland. Today, that figure has more than tripled. Advances in plant breeding and technical innovations will continue to be necessary in order to feed the growing global population. This is where Bosch’s agricultural robot “Bonirob” can play a part.

According to estimates, agricultural yields need to increase by three percent a year to keep up with population growth. Along with innovative agricultural technology and improved crop protection, more efficient plant breeding will play a particularly important role.

In this area, Bonirob automates and speeds up analysis. The robot, which is approximately the size of a compact car, uses video- and lidar-based positioning as well as satellite navigation to find its way around the fields. It knows its position to the nearest centimeter. It also helps minimize the environmental impact of crop farming.
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I really like this machine (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-11-27 09:24 (#VX5X)

I want one, not that I'd have any real use for it. I have about 5 square meters of garden, a mallet, and some poles. I could deal to those weeds myself.
I think one negative thing it does, though, is remove another avenue of unskilled labor. Some people just can't upskill - and some can, but don't have an avenue for employment afterward, no matter how hard they work. Some places just have no demand for other skillsets.