Story 2016-02-12 13RTE DHS stripped of failed MyGov system

DHS stripped of failed MyGov system

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In a shocking move the Australian government has transferred control of the MyGov portal to the DTO. This slap in the face to the mighty DHS comes after several months of serious problems with the online government portal after the Australian tax system, Centrelink, Medicare and other systems were changed to use MyGov as the central logon. Tens of thousands of Australians took to social media in 2015 to complain about the DHS portal after the ATO made using the portal mandatory for online tax returns. The problems were so bad that the ATO opened a backdoor allowing citizens to bypass the MyGov system. After spending millions to integrate two of the largest federal departments, Centrelink and Medicare, the step of removing MyGov from the hands of the DHS is an F on this year's report card.
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This is a surprise (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2016-02-13 10:29 (#13TYT)

Usually a government department just keeps screwing things up forever.

I wonder what else will be moved to the DTO. All online government services?

When a large percentage of the population is complaining about a government service, what can they do?