Article 130NA This is probably the greatest custom PC build of all time

This is probably the greatest custom PC build of all time

Sebastian Anthony
from Ars Technica on (#130NA)

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My friends, I might have found the greatest custom PC ever conceived or constructed: the Lego Gaming Computer.

No, this isn't a computer designed specifically for the myriad Lego-themed games that have flooded the market over the last 10 years—though it certainly could do that with aplomb. The Lego Gaming Computer is a top-spec, completely-built-from-scratch X-shaped gaming rig that's made entirely out of Lego bricks.

Because ATX PCs aren't meant to be X-shaped, the mastermind behind the build—a guy called Mike Schropp—had to come up with some ingenious solutions, such as a custom-made GPU heatsink and a transverse-mounted motherboard that separated the GPU's airflow path from the other components.

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