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Updated 2023-10-02 00:00
A revelation about trees is messing with climate calculations
Scientists are learning more about sesquiterpenes" vapors made from trees.
Archaeologists discover ancient sandals buried in a bat cave 6000 years ago
Some basketry from same site is even older, dating back 9,500 years to Mesolithic period.
Critical vulnerabilities in Exim threaten over 250k email servers worldwide
Remote code execution requiring no authentication fixed. 2 other RCEs remain unpatched.
WHO says flu vaccines should ditch strain that vanished during COVID
Influenza viruses in the B/Yamagata lineage have not been seen since March 2020.
DOJ finally posted that “embarrassing” court doc Google wanted to hide
Google exec said users get hooked on search engine like cigarettes or drugs."
“No choice at all”: Pharma companies begrudgingly agree to negotiate prices
They're not dropping their lawsuits, but they say they have no choice but to negotiate.
SCOTUS to decide if Florida and Texas social media laws violate 1st Amendment
SCOTUS will likely rule on the high-stakes social media cases in 2024.
Galaxy S24 leaks show Samsung’s usual love for the iPhone
The new flat titanium sides on the S24 remind us of a certain fruit company.
Knots are untied as The Wheel of Time season two approaches its end
Plus: An angry Amyrlin, the Forsaken in Falme, and a small Seanchan surprise.
Report: Google’s money was “key” factor in Apple rejecting Bing purchase
Microsoft had also considered a large Apple investment in 2016 to boost Bing.
US agency sues Tesla as Black workers report “swastikas, threats, and nooses”
I saw KKK epithets, a swastika, and the N-word," Black worker says.
iPhone 15 and 15 Pro review: The final form
Years of iteration have led to a great phone, but where do we go from here?
Microsoft will stop old Windows product keys from activating new Windows installs
Windows 7 and 8 keys still seem to work for now, but that may be ending.
Rocket Report: Iran launches satellite; Artemis II boosters get train ride
Is ArianeGroup finally getting more serious about a reusable rocket?
$5,000 Google Jamboard dies in 2024—cloud-based apps will stop working, too
Google's digital whiteboard for schools and businesses lasted 8 years.
US may pay 3x more than EU for Moderna’s US-funded COVID shot
Moderna developed its vaccine with the NIH and got $1.7 billion in federal grant money.
A new Chrome 0-day is sending the Internet into a new chapter of Groundhog Day
If your software package involves VP8 video encoding, it's likely vulnerable to attack.
Losing subscribers, Disney+ starts fighting password sharing, too
The enforcement is starting with Canada.
Meta launches consumer AI chatbots with celebrity avatars in its social apps
WhatsApp, Instagram add animated AI chat avatars, including Snoop Dogg as dungeon master.
Is the Meta Quest a Wii U-sized flop? Software numbers suggest it might be
Analysis: Meta's VR software sales are comparable to Nintendo's failed console.
Report: Apple’s next iPhone SE will be the one to retire the iPhone 6 design
New SE allegedly comes out in 2025 and will continue to mix old and new parts.
Reddit forces personalized ads, starts X-like user payment program
Like it or not, Reddit wants to "improve ad performance."
“Yeah, they’re gone”: Musk confirms cuts to X’s election integrity team
"'Election Integrity' Team... was undermining election integrity," Musk writes.
These solar-powered, origami-inspired robots can change shape mid-flight
Switching from unfolded to folded states stabilizes the microflyer's descent.
AI language models can exceed PNG and FLAC in lossless compression, says study
Is compression equivalent to general intelligence? DeepMind digs up more potential clues.
The three-row Kia EV9 SUV will cost $54,900, on sale later this year
Production of the big EV will move to West Point, Georgia, in 2024.
Raspberry Pi 5, with upgraded everything, available for preorder today
Launch inventory is specifically held for individual buyers until 2024.
AI is getting better at hurricane forecasting
This hurricane season shows how machine-learning algorithms can improve weather forecasts.
Our 10-point scale will help you rate the biggest misinformation purveyors
A convenient rating system to evaluate the threat posed by misinformation sources.
The dairy industry is trying to outlaw plant-based “milk” labels—again
The FDA previously found that no one is confused about where almond milk comes from.
“Unprecedented” youth climate trial demands action from 32 European governments
Youth suing: "I'm forced to stay inside," and "things are getting worse."
NASA astronaut Frank Rubio is home after a year in space
His mission was originally supposed to last six months.
Musk’s X spreads more disinformation than rival social networks, EU says
Twitter/X left voluntary alliance but is "not off the hook," EU official says.
We finally know for sure what a trilobite ate
Tens of thousands of fossils later, we've found a trilobite with a full stomach.
PlayStation sci-fi epic Horizon Forbidden West makes its way to PC
Post-apocalyptic heroine Aloy will return to Steam and the Epic Game Store soon.
Powerful new EV charger starts field tests in Arizona this weekend
From Thursday until Sunday, charges will cost just one dollar.
Jony Ive and OpenAI’s Altman reportedly collaborating on mysterious AI device
Despite lack of specifics, rumored smartphone collaboration has everyone guessing.
Backdoored firmware lets China state hackers control routers with “magic packets”
The modified firmware used by BlackTech is hard to detect.
Google deal may have kept Apple from building search engine, exec says
Apple is contractually obligated to defend Google search deal, DOJ says.
Kerbal Space Program 2 has a big pre-launch issue: Windows registry stuffing
Devs say a hotfix is incoming for the code, if not for the early access vibes.
Meta’s Quest 3 headset launches October 10, starts at $499
Augmented reality passthrough cameras are a focus for the VR headset leader.
Intel reiterates: Next-gen Meteor Lake CPUs aren’t coming to most desktops
The Meteor Lake architecture is skipping socketed desktop CPUs entirely.
Smartphone sales down 22 percent in Q2, the worst performance in a decade
North American sales are bad for everyone, except, miraculously, Google.
Einstein right again: Antimatter falls “down” due to gravity like ordinary matter
CERN's ALPHA experiment confirms matter and antimatter react to gravity in a similar way.
As the EA Sports FC era dawns, FIFA 23 is removed from digital platforms
Earlier-than-expected takedown continues long history of EA sunsetting legacy titles.
Spotify uses AI to clone and translate podcaster voices in new pilot program
Feature hopes to remove language barriers, but will speakers know if translations are faulty?
Google loses battle to control how DOJ antitrust trial docs are shared online
Google antitrust trial docs can be shared online, judge ruled.
How climate change could make fungal diseases worse
Disease-causing fungi are likely to thrive in a warmer, stormier world.
We try out the first legal level 3 automated driving system in the US
This is the first driver assist to allow you to take your eyes off the road.
Google quietly corrects previously submitted disclosure for critical webp 0-day
Previous CVE submission failed to mention that thousands of apps were affected.