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Updated 2024-06-12 20:31
Inside the Titan submersible disaster
OceanGate CEO cut corners, ignored warnings, and flat-out lied, leaving five dead.
More seizures, intubation from microdose candies: 12 sickened, 10 hospitalized
FDA updates alert after the latest case fell ill on June 9.
China state hackers infected 20,000 Fortinet VPNs, Dutch spy service says
Critical code-execution flaw was under exploitation 2 months before company disclosed it.
Let’s unpack some questions about Russia’s role in North Korea’s rocket program
"It seems very likely that the shift in propellant type is a function of the access to Russia."
T-Mobile users thought they had a lifetime price lock—guess what happened next
"T-Mobile will never change the price you pay," the carrier told users in 2017.
Elon Musk drops claims that OpenAI abandoned mission
Musk previously hoped a jury would award maximum punitive damages.
Elon Musk is livid about new OpenAI/Apple deal
Elon Musk attacks Apple/ChatGPT integration as creepy spyware."
Elephants may refer to each other by name
The animals seem to respond more actively to calls that include their "name."
Apple quietly improves Mac virtualization in macOS 15 Sequoia
It only works for macOS 15 guests on macOS 15 hosts, but it's a big improvement.
Google’s Pixel 8 series gets USB-C to DisplayPort; desktop mode rumors heat up
Grab a USB-C to DisplayPort cable and newer Pixels can be viewed from your TV or monitor.
Apple and OpenAI currently have the most misunderstood partnership in tech
Apple's AI moves are nothing new for a company that has integrated outside tech for decades.
Adobe to update vague AI terms after users threaten to cancel subscriptions
Adobe scrambles to earn back user trust by updating terms next week.
Ars Live: How Profitable is Starlink? Join our discussion today!
Eric Berger and Caleb Henry discuss the orbital ISP's economics at 2 pm Eastern.
Polarized light yields fresh insight into mysterious fast radio bursts
Scientists looked at how polarization changed direction to learn more about origins
As NASA watches Starship closely, here’s what the agency wants to see next
"What happens if I don't have a Human Landing System available to execute a mission?"
Stoke Space ignites its ambitious main engine for the first time
"This industry is going toward full reusability. To me, that is the inevitable end state."
Ransomware gangs are adopting “more brutal” tactics amid crackdowns
Researchers fear real-world violence as law enforcement plays Whac-A-Mole with gangs.
Neutrinos: The inscrutable “ghost particles” driving scientists crazy
They hold the keys to new physics. If only we could understand them.
AI trained on photos from kids’ entire childhood without their consent
Kids "easily traceable" from photos used to train AI models, advocates warn.
Hackers steal “significant volume” of data from hundreds of Snowflake customers
Given shortcomings of Snowflake and its customers, there's plenty of blame to go around.
Study: Three skulls of medieval Viking women were deliberately elongated
There is also evidence of deliberately filed teeth on some 130 male Viking skulls.
The Google Pay app is dead
Google Wallet takes over app duties, but it looks like Google is quitting P2P payments.
These are all the devices compatible with iOS 18 and iPadOS 18
Luckily for owners of current devices, only a handful of older iPads.
Apple integrates ChatGPT into Siri, iOS, and macOS
ChatGPT is treated like a search engine for Siri, and generates text and images for apps.
Apple unveils “Apple Intelligence” AI features for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS
Apple debuts new catchall AI branding, generative features during WWDC 2024 keynote.
Apple’s AI promise: “Your data is never stored or made accessible to Apple”
And publicly reviewable server code means experts can "verify this privacy promise."
Here are all the Intel and Apple Silicon Macs that will run macOS 15 Sequoia
With one major exception, Sequoia will run on everything that can run Sonoma.
DARPA’s planned nuclear rocket would use enough fuel to build a bomb
The US is still regulating some enriched uranium based on an analysis from the 1950s.
ISPs ask FCC for tax on Big Tech to fund broadband networks and discounts
USTelecom cites death of discount program in new call for payments from Big Tech.
iPadOS 18 adds machine-learning wizardry with handwriting, math features
Also coming: new SharePlay features and a new "tab bar" for first-party apps.
Apple announces macOS 15 Sequoia with window tiling, iPhone mirroring, and more
New release brings iOS 18 features along with a few Mac-specific additions.
iOS 18 is all about customization, but also improves Android users’ SMS life
Mail gets categories, Messages gets more tapbacks, and apps can now be locked.
Apple’s new Vision Pro software offers an ultrawide virtual Mac monitor
visionOS 2 offers iterative improvements and refinements, plus new developer APIs.
Bird flu virus from Texas human case kills 100% of ferrets in CDC study
H5N1 bird flu viruses have shown to be lethal in ferret model before.
Some company heads hoped return-to-office mandates would make people quit, survey says
1,504 workers, including 504 HR managers questioned.
Microsoft Gaming CEO: “I think we should have a handheld, too”
More than just streaming, playing games locally "is really important" to Spencer.
Microsoft pulls release preview build of Windows 11 24H2 after Recall controversy
Release Preview version of 24H2 was the only one where Recall could be enabled.
Virgin Galactic has ceased flying its only space plane. Now what?
This is a bold bet on the future, but it's by no means a certain one.
Microsoft reveals first disc-less Xbox Series X
But don't worry, Microsoft isn't abandoning the console disc drive entirely.
Why the fight over Elon Musk’s pay at Tesla won’t end with shareholder vote
Musk, Tesla, and the Delaware court system may be headed for uncharted legal territory.
How the Webb and Gaia missions bring a new perspective on galaxy formation
The Webb and Gaia telescopes have unearthed the early building blocks of the Milky Way.
The 2025 Polestar 3 is a torque-vectoring SUV that’s fun to drive
The EV startup goes to the head of the pack with its new luxury SUV.
The world’s largest fungus collection may unlock the mysteries of carbon capture
Research is uncovering the key role that fungi play in getting soils to absorb carbon.
NASA is commissioning 10 studies on Mars Sample Return—most are commercial
SpaceX will show NASA how Starship could one day return rock samples from Mars.
People are seizing, being intubated after eating microdose chocolates
"Extreme caution" urged as at least 8 people in 4 states sickened, 6 hospitalized.
Nasty bug with very simple exploit hits PHP just in time for the weekend
With PoC code available and active Internet scans, speed is of the essence.
Google avoids jury trial by sending $2.3 million check to US government
Google gets a bench trial after sending unexpected check to Justice Department.
Ars chats with Precision, the brain-chip maker taking the road less invasive
Precision tested its BCI on 14 people so far. Two more are scheduled this month.
New Steam Deck competitor lets you easily swap in more RAM, storage
Adata embraces the CAMM2 memory standard for its intriguing handheld prototype.
Marvel’s Midnight Suns is free right now, and you should grab it (even on Epic)
Sadly overlooked on release, the card/turn-based battler is a real bargain.