Article 1R9RQ Android 7.0 Nougat review—Do more on your gigantic smartphone

Android 7.0 Nougat review—Do more on your gigantic smartphone

Ron Amadeo
from Ars Technica - All content on (#1R9RQ)

The unveiling of the Nougat statue.

After a lengthy Developer Preview program starting in March, the final version of Android 7.0 (codenamed "Nougat") is finally launching today. The OS update will slowly begin to rollout to devices over the next few weeks. This year, Google is adding even more form factors to the world's most popular operating system. After tackling watches, phones, tablets, TVs, and cars, Nougat brings platform improvements aimed at virtual reality headsets and-with some help from Chrome OS-also targets laptops and desktops.

For Android's primary platform (still phones and tablets), there's a myriad of improvements. Nougat brings a new multitasking split screen mode, a redesigned notification panel, an adjustable UI scale, and fresh emoji. Nougat also sports numerous under-the-hood improvements, like changes to the Android Runtime, updates to the battery saving "Doze" mode, and developer goodies like Vulkan and Java 8 support.

As usual, we'll be covering Google's Android package as a whole without worrying about what technically counts as part of the "OS" versus an app in the Play Store. Android is a platform not just for third-parties, but for Google as well, so we're diving into everything that typically ships on a new Android smartphone.

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