Article 3J009 The Thrustmaster T-GT is a great—if expensive—wheel for the PS4

The Thrustmaster T-GT is a great—if expensive—wheel for the PS4

Jonathan M. Gitlin
from Ars Technica on (#3J009)

Jonathan Gitlin

As Ars' resident racer, I often get asked what steering wheel people should buy for racing games. And for the past few years, my default answer has been to head to Logitech. The G29 (for Playstation 4) or the G920 (for the Xbox One) have been out for a while now, and they offer a good balance of affordability and immersiveness.

But not everyone uses the same criteria to pick such things; after all, would Lee Hutchinson be content to play Elite: Dangerous with just a janky old Logitech Extreme 3D Pro? If you play a lot of Gran Turismo Sport and are looking for something a tier above the G29, it's time to check out the Thrustmaster T-GT. With an MSRP of $799.99, it's not the cheapest way to play GT Sport, but deals are available—right now on Amazon, it's $689.72—and you do get a quality product for your hard-earned credits.

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