Article 3S17B Liveblog: Nintendo Direct Presentation at E3 2018

Liveblog: Nintendo Direct Presentation at E3 2018

Kyle Orland
from Ars Technica on (#3S17B)

Enlarge / It's coming, Squid Boy. It's coming.... (credit: Nintendo)

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For the sixth straight year, Nintendo will forgo the traditional pre-E3 press conference in favor of a livestreamed Nintendo Direct video presentation. We'll be on hand to deliver all the news straight from Nintendo starting at 9am PDT (12pm EDT, 4pm UTC) on Tuesday, June 12.

Nintendo has made no secret that the Nintendo Switch edition of the Super Smash Bros. fighting-game series will be a prominent focus of its E3 activities this year, so expect to hear a lot of details about that effort. We also wouldn't be surprised to hear a bit more about upcoming Switch entries in the Pokemon and Metroid Prime series, which have been under radio silence since very brief teases at last year's E3.

Outside of the first-party efforts, a credible leak suggests a Switch port of Fortnite will lead a lineup of coming indie and third-party ports for the system that includes Dragon Ball FighterZ, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Killer Queen Black, Paladins, and Overcooked 2. Don't be surprised if that list is at least a bit incomplete, too.

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