Article 4AG48 iFixit opens up the Galaxy S10, revealing tiny in-display fingerprint sensor

iFixit opens up the Galaxy S10, revealing tiny in-display fingerprint sensor

Ron Amadeo
from Ars Technica on (#4AG48)
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    The Galaxy S10 and S10e get stripped down. [credit: iFixit ]

In the lifecycle of any important gadget, after the announcement and release comes the teardown. iFixit has gotten a hold of the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e and has stripped them all down to their base parts. As usual, modern smartphone design is a mess of adhesive that is difficult to repair. The pictures are fun to look at, though!

Samsung Galaxy S10

View more storiesThe newest component inside the Galaxy S10 is the new ultrasonic fingerprint reader, which lives under the display and can make a 3D map of your finger with nothing but sound. In terms of actual components, the sensor is a thin, tape-like strip that gets glued to the back of the display. We've seen prototypes with a large fingerprint-reading area before, but for this first-generation commercial version, Samsung's fingerprint reading area is just a tiny strip. It's actually way smaller than a fingertip, which means you'll need to be precise about your finger position when you use it.

There are lots of heat-mitigation techniques going on inside the Galaxy S10. Like the Note9 and Galaxy S9, a large vapor chamber handles cooling the SoC and storage. The back of the display is coated in copper, allowing it to act as a big heatsink.

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