Article TW0K Attempt no landing there? Yeah right—we’re going to Europa

Attempt no landing there? Yeah right—we’re going to Europa

Eric Berger
from Ars Technica on (#TW0K)

An artist’s concept shows what the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa may look like. (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

It is a nightmare glacier, tormented by the giant of our Solar System ever looming on its horizon.

Jupiter showers its moon Europa with enough radiation to kill a human in just a few days. Europa must also contend with the massive planet’s powerful tidal forces. The moon literally creaks as Jupiter’s bulk rends its frozen surface in deep crevasses, pushing and pulling the ice upward and downward by tens of meters every few days. And with only a very tenuous atmosphere, it is so very cold: -210 degrees Celsius.

Yet as forbidding as Europa’s surface may be, just a few kilometers below lies the largest ocean in the known Universe. It dwarfs any on Earth, encircling the entire moon and plunging as far as 100 kilometers deep. The tidal forces that wrench Europa's icy surface also tug on the core of this ocean, dissipating heat and providing ample energy to warm the ocean.

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