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NASA Releases Over 1000 Projects as Open Source


Not an Apache/MIT license (Score: 2, Informative)

by on 2014-04-11 04:07 (#11S)

The NASA open source license is here .

It seems to be a viral license like the GPL/LGPL, plus a dark warning about export restrictions.

1.Whenever a Recipient distributes or redistributes the Subject Software, a copy of this Agreement must be included with each copy of the Subject Software; and 2.If Recipient distributes or redistributes the Subject Software in any form other than source code, Recipient must also make the source code freely available, and must provide with each copy of the Subject Software information on how to obtain the source code in a reasonable manner on or through a medium customarily used for software exchange.

J.Notwithstanding any provisions contained herein, Recipient is hereby put on notice that export of any goods or technical data from the United States may require some form of export license from the U.S. Government. Failure to obtain necessary export licenses may result in criminal liability under U.S. laws. Government Agency neither represents that a license shall not be required nor that, if required, it shall be issued. Nothing granted herein provides any such export license.


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