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Samsung to release new spy fridge


As the dude saieth (Score: 1)

by on 2016-01-28 23:28 (#126EA)

That's just, like you're opinion, man.

In reality, its a Fridge dedicated to suck at being a fridge. There is no way anyone is going to scan every freaking thing they put in there. That's a chore. The screen takes up valuable wedding invites and Christmas card storage space. That's what a fridge front is for. I can't buy stuff from the 5 different stores I buy groceries from, with its interface. The list just goes on. Its a piece of crap. The privacy aspects aren't scary because it sucks, no one wants it.

"it's important to get it into a lot of homes". Not scary, but the way companies operate. They want to sell their products. This is also the same company that screwed over everyone who bought their smart fridge.

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