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Not anymore broken than real world security (Score: 5, Insightful)

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Most of us have only a simple, easy to pick door lock standing between any would-be thief and our stuff. The real use of these things is merely to act as a deterrent, so people have to be serious if they want to get your stuff. But if they are serious, no amount of security will keep you completely safe. We generally seem to be ok with that situation.

I think the situation is relatively the same for computers. If someone really wants your digital stuff, they'll get it. You can't really prevent that. But you can control what information you allow to be digitally stored.

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Computer security being broken is not really the big issue, nor is it about the lack of control, nor is it that computing and its results can't be trusted or taken at face value. Security, control, and trust are to a very large extent delusional notions and computers didn't change that. These things are water under the bridge.

The big issue is the amount of effort and resources spent on not only actively removing such of your (imagined or not) "property rights" (security, control, and trust of the tools you own) but on doing the same to everyones entire "objective" existence past, present, and future and doing it continuously, simultanously, efficiently, scalably, eternally, and tied to the accelerating technological improvement and how they were nearly done completing the rudimentary working prototype of this setup two years ago .

That is what Snowden revealed even if he perhaps did not realize it. It is the sum total and the conclusion and it doesn't matter the slightest whether this meta-tool was intentional or not: it is going to be used and improved upon.


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