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Interstellar and the end of the film era


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by on 2014-11-09 00:57 (#2TYN)

I suppose IMAX is to blame... Trying to squeeze more money out of their customers, they introduced "IMAX Digital" so they could show just any regular film nice and cheap, but charge IMAX prices for the ticket. Angering your customers who are paying big bucks and keeping film alive, is a losing propsition.

Another negative is the move to 3D. Whether you like 3D or not, it has divided audiences in half... Some won't ever watch a 3D movie, others won't pay to watch the regular 2D versions anymore.

But I suppose as long as IMAX and Cinemark XD are able to demand huge ticket prices, and fill their theatres, film won't be going away just yet.

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by Anonymous Coward on 2014-11-09 08:57 (#2TYP)

I will never pay to see a 3D movie as I only have one eye. Queue the cyclops jokes.

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Sorry not much available. This is the only one I could find: Its British, and very subtle.

Two farmers were looking at shovels in a store window. The first farmer saw a shovel he liked, and said to the other farmer: "That's the one I'd get", when a cyclops came around the corner and kicked their heads in.


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