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Microsoft admits Windows 10 preview has a keylogger


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by on 2015-01-28 16:15 (#2WT4)

Yep, from time to time I use Windows.... To start a game. Since I never play online, the first thing I do, is to disable the network in Windows. Thoroughly. No hassle with updates at inconvenient times. Malware? I don't care. Without network the worst thing that can happen is that a few game saves are destroyed. If I need to install something? I mount a partition under Linux and copy the setup or iso images on it. If I really need to be online to install something... Never happened before... I can enable network. In that case I might become part of a bot network... for 20-30 minutes? I could live with that. Personal data? Again only saves.

So I am not afraid of whatever ugly things can be found in Windows 10. On the other hand, I need a very compelling reason to change. With my use case I could still use XP without risk. The only reason I have Windows 8.1 is that I bought a new computer a few weeks ago. :-)

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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-01-29 10:29 (#2WT9)

A few weeks? Give it a couple more days. My bet is that your new pc will either be flying out of a window or formatted.

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by on 2015-01-29 14:48 (#2WTG)

Not the AC, but I'd say because Windows 8.1 has a bad reputation for ease of use and is known to enrage some people (even Microsoft fans).

Personally, as long as it's on a touch device, I really like 8.1. I have an HP Stream 7 tablet with it and it works great. I tried it on a traditional PC with a keyboard and mouse and it was a different story; I'll stick to Windows 7 until Windows 10 is released, and possibly beyond. Not quite "throwing my computer out the window", but it is definitely a huge step backwards in traditional PC interface design.

As for the keylogging in Windows 10 Preview, I thought Microsoft disclosed that on day one? I know that when I downloaded the Preview for testing, I had to read a disclosure about what information they gather and how they use it. It was right there in the disclosure. I was fine with it because I had no intention of using it to access my bank account, or my real Windows Live ID, or any of my other online accounts, and it lives in a VM that I have complete control over. Anyone who would use their real credentials when testing out alpha level software, especially an OS, especially one that tells you upfront it's logging keystrokes, isn't really a smart cookie.

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by on 2015-01-30 21:43 (#2WV5)

Not the AC, but I'd say because Windows 8.1 has a bad reputation for ease of use and is known to enrage some people (even Microsoft fans).
From my initial post you can clearly see that I am not really in Windows user. But for the few things I do with it, I don't see a difference between Windows 7 and 8. On Windows 8 I had to change some settings so that I don't boot into the tile crap. But this was a one time effort, and even I was able to do it. No I get immediately into the desktop. I have the explorer to browse the file system, and when I have installed a game, I have an icon on the desktop. No difference to Windows 7 or XP at all. Ok, the start menu looks different. But the only time I see it, is when I shutdown the machine.

I am certainly no Windows lover, on the contrary, when I am forced to use it, it always feels like I am wearing boxing gloves. But I don't understand the Windows 8 hatred.

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by on 2015-01-31 14:48 (#2WV8)

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you are a Windows or Microsoft fan, it was obvious in your original comment that you aren't. I just meant that 8.1 on the desktop can be so bad that even fans of the older Windows releases will shun it. Personally, as I said I like it on touch devices but feel it's not good enough on the desktop. From what I've read, 10 will fix all the things I don't like about 8.1 and improve the OS across all devices that run it. I hope that's true, but I'll definitely be giving each preview release a hard look in VMs before I commit to permanently upgrading my 7 key to 10.

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