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Egg, bacon and Spam (Score: 2, Interesting)

by on 2019-02-20 01:36 (#49FR0)

Agreed. A great deal of effort is required to mangle many of the user submissions we've received into something that is high enough quality and worthy of being published. Of course, the hundreds of stories already published by evilviper/zafiro17/etc set a rather high bar of quality. :)

Over 5 years ago, a growing rift in the green site set in motion a movement for a "better" news for nerds site. The result was not only a split into the new red and blue sites, but also reforms in the original site as well. The feared "beta" was shelved and calmer heads prevailed throughout. Although some rumors have suggested that Pipedot is dead, and I can hardly blame them, there simply doesn't need to be so many forks of the same thing. As for product differentiation, we still have plenty of technical features the others do not (editable comments!) but other features that we pioneered (colorized new vs old comments) have even made it into the others. Rest assured, if the other sites decide to self-destruct again, we will be waiting; this time with an easier turnaround. As an abandoned user of iGoggle and Reader, I'm still a huge fan of the RSS features of Pipedot and still use it daily. Others have suggested that other site features, like the internal mail system, could be expanded to include full web-email abilities - which may still be explored in the future. Suggestions for improvements are welcome!

As always, if an enterprising individual wants to step up and help as an additional editor or help in other ways, send me a message.


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