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Microsoft donates over $25,000 to support OpenSSH


Barrel scraping (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-07-10 15:01 (#DXT1)

Can anything save powershell from the debarcle it is right now v4? Powershell does not compare to the nix shell (of any flavour).

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by on 2015-07-11 22:25 (#E1J8)

Unfortunately, nobody has really ported any *nix shell to Windows for use there, so there's no comparison. Before anybody mentions Cygwin, go start bash and run "edit", ftp, or any other interactive Windows CLI command... Doesn't work, does it?

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by on 2015-07-12 08:51 (#E2FG)

of course i went to try this - and was surprised to find that 'edit' was only for 16 & 32 bit systems. microsoft's professional recommendation is to use notepad; i guess that probably sums up the state of affairs in microsoft's "give a s***" dept. 'Why CLI when you can GUI?' :/


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