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MIT's bipedal robot “HERMES” designed for disaster response


Questions which present themselves (Score: 1)

by on 2015-08-14 20:07 (#HDRX)

This sounds like a remote Waldo, not a robot. Robots are autonomous. Of course that doesn't make it useless by any means.

I was unable to get any traction at all on meaningful parameters.

* How noisy is this thing compared to a human?

* What is the unrefueled/unrecharged endurance doing typical tasks? Again, compare to a human.

* How is the thing refueled or recharged, how much does it cost to do so, and how long does it take? Does it need to be returned to a base station to do it? Compare to a sandwich and a pint of beer for a human. I imagine, however, that it does not have to eliminate waste products at intervals like a human.

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