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Blackberry "Venice" Android slider phone rumors grow louder


Hardware keyboards, security, customer support (Score: 1)

by on 2015-08-19 18:28 (#HW5N)

Those were the reasons why I liked Blackberry. As a personal tech advisory to some big wig, I was tasked with getting a new (free) phone for my client due to a problem with his existing one. It wasn't about money as it was a principle thing. So I had the un-enviable task of working my way through tech support as long as I could without name dropping. I only got to tier 2 before I had to go nuclear. But as soon as I did, the phone was in the mail. Never really called them before or since for anyone else. So maybe that was just the name that got action. In any case, it was the best experience with Tech support I've ever had.

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by on 2015-08-19 20:13 (#HWDS)

This reminds me of the Torch, the last slider I think they made, around 2010 or so. It was a really thick/heavy phone to hold or carry in your pockets, and a lot of people who were assigned one at work were envious of teh lighter candybar formfactor. I still root for Blackberry, but I don't find this device form very appealing. Samsung is going to release (in Asia only, sadly) a flip phone Android device, on the other hand, and that interests me a bit more (not sure why, but I really loved flipphones, if only because when closed they provided natural protection for their screens).

Secondly, for what it's worth, when I heard 'slider' I got excited, thinking it would be landscape mode, not portrait mode. I always liked those side-sliders that came out in the early days of Android.

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by on 2015-08-19 22:24 (#HWT1)

Droid was the only good one I played with. The others were pretty terrible. They tried putting them on cheaper phones and skimped on quality. The logic was a bit insane. Not having a keyboard is better than having a crappy one.

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