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Hand dryers worse than paper towels for spreading germs


Yes, but (Score: 1)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-10-03 14:47 (#PBPE)

Are there better alternatives?

Besides, perhaps, single use hand towels.

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by on 2015-10-03 20:18 (#PC9Z)

Waterless hand sanitizer have been around for some time, but leave a weird unclean after-feeling imho; plus i'd imagine there are some people would refuse to use it, leaving the door handle dirtier than the toilet seat :)

Although not an alternative, an improvement could be to use UV light to sanitize the air. I know they are used in some air duct systems, but i'm not sure how efficient or quick they are, particularly for such a high volume of air.

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by Anonymous Coward on 2015-10-04 09:13 (#PDE8)

In a recent trip to Sydney the pub around the corner from the hotel had an instep on the toilet door to allow for opening the door with a foot. Surprisingly, people actually used it.

Re: Yes, but (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2015-10-04 23:50 (#PF19)

Ooh, I'd use that. I hate touching toilet doors because of the number of people who walk off after having a crap who don't wash their hands.

Re: Yes, but (Score: 1)

by on 2015-10-05 15:59 (#PH6J)

Since they are probably already installed at the front entrance, why not just put automatic sliding doors on the bathrooms?

Granted, you'll probably want either an opaque or frosted glass version. Also, an automatic door (times two for both genders) will surely be more expensive than a standard door.

Re: Yes, but (Score: 2, Insightful)

by on 2015-10-06 01:21 (#PJNX)

Depends on why you have bathroom doors in the first place. I've been in airports that eliminate the doors entirely, and just have a partition immediately inside the passageway, so nobody outside can see in. That seems like the best solution in general.

If you still want a door, it might be a small bathroom that needs to lock, or they're for blocking noise, odors, etc. In tight spaces they can be good barriers to keep high-traffic from incidentally pushing in. In any of those cases, automatic doors wouldn't work (and they'd be expensive additions). That is, unless the bathroom door goes directly outside, into the elements...


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