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Updated 2018-08-16 21:22
Ireland votes to repeal abortion restrictions, but there’s still a lot to talk about
Right up until the day of the referendum, pretty much everyone thought Ireland’s vote on abortion this past Friday was going to be close. It wasn’t. Two-thirds of voters said "yes" to repealing the country’s constitutional ban on abortion.
France offers citizenship for bystander who climbed a building to rescue a toddler clinging to a balcony
Video shows Mamoudou Gassama, 22, risking his life on Sunday as he climbed up the balconies to rescue the 4-year-old who is clinging to a railing.
How '90s Bollywood movies became cool again for two desis in the US
The Bollywood Boys used to watch movies on bootleg VCDs with their parents. Now, they’re watching them on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video — and rediscovering what they once loved about them.
Sweden's new law on affirmative consent is hailed, but questions remain
Sweden joins 10 other western European countries with a new affirmative consent law.
Democratic senators probe the extent of Koch brothers' influence on Trump administration policy
As the close ties between fossil fuel billionaires Charles and David Koch and the Trump administration come to light, Democratic senators are demanding answers about how much influence the Koch brothers have had in shaping key federal policies, including the decision to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement and the shrinking of national monuments.
Ethical and legal questions surround Scott Pruitt's time at the EPA
Democrats in Congress are pushing for his resignation, but so far most GOP members have remained quiet.
Saudi Arabia loosened some of its strict social rules, but intimidation of activists continues
In the past few months, Saudi Arabia has seen some of the most drastic social changes in its history. But the rejoicing has been short-lived. A number of recent arrests has raised alarms for many Saudis.
Movie producer Harvey Weinstein surrenders on sex assault charges
Film producer Harvey Weinstein surrendered on Friday to authorities at a New York City police station on sex crime charges, months after he was toppled from Hollywood's most powerful ranks by scores of women accusing him of misconduct.
'I can't control my gender'
Stephanie Labbé is one of Canada's best women soccer players. Two years ago, she was the goalkeeper for Canada's bronze-medal winning Olympic soccer team in Rio. After the games, Labbé wanted to keep playing professionally in Canada, but there are no professional women's teams.
With cancellation, Trump-Kim summit gets a dose of reality
The cancellation has eased the anxiety of foreign policy and nuclear nonproliferation experts who said that President Donald Trump had rushed headlong into a meeting unprepared. Ever since Trump accepted Kim’s invitation to meet in March, experts warned such a high-level dialogue would go south without a specific and careful diplomatic strategy.
This is your brain on improv
Ever wondered about people who can improvise on stage? Neuroscientist Charles Limb and comedian Anthony Veneziale did. First came the bromance, then Veneziale found himself improvising inside an fMRI machine.
This Irish podcaster dives into the abortion debate
Ireland votes on abortion this week. Ciara O’Connor Walsh, who's a supporter of abortion rights, knows where she stands on the issue. But she wondered, what do folks on the other side have to say? She's produced a podcast series called, The Eighth.
Once (again) in a lifetime
Singer Angélique Kidjo on her new Talking Heads cover album.
Live, from New York, it’s Cue Card Wally
Growing up, Wally Feresten never dreamed of being a cue card holder. Now, 28 years later, he can't imagine doing anything else.
The early impact of solar tariffs: Fewer American projects, fewer American jobs
Back in January, the Trump administration imposed tariffs of 30 percent on imported solar panels and modules. It was aimed at Chinese and Asian imports.
American Icons: The Muppets
The story behind Jim Henson’s beloved creature creations.
In Miami's Little Haiti, one of the largest waves of evictions is currently underway
Little Haiti, a once predominantly Haitian enclave, has seen a burst of new development and interest from real estate investors and developers because of its central location in Miami. New projects are underway in the neighborhood, rent prices are soaring and Haitian business owners say that they are being pushed out.
European lawmakers had tough questions for Mark Zuckerberg. For the most part, he ducked them.
Several MEPs blamed the meeting's format for the lack of answers. After nearly an hour of questioning, Zuckerberg was left with about 25 minutes to selectively answer them. He gave away little and promised to provide more details in writing.
In Kerala, a push for organic food turns professionals into gardeners
Kerala, India, hosts a highly literate workforce and many people choose to work abroad, so the state used to rely on imported food. When doctors and the public started to blame rising cancer rates on chemical pesticides from this imported food, it kickstarted an urgency to go organic.
For one woman with an eating disorder, Ramadan was a chance to blend in
Adeline Hocine saw the holy month — when everyone would abstain from food and water — as an opportunity to hide her illness.
Objects from Palestine are now enshrined at a makeshift museum in this Beirut refugee camp
In the Shatila camp in Beirut, there's a tiny museum crammed with hundreds of items that Palestinians brought with them when they fled what is now Israel.
Negotiating with the North Koreans was never going to be easy
After lots of initial fanfare, the lead-up to a planned Trump-Kim summit has hit some serious bumps in the road. But one former US adviser on North Korean affairs says President Trump should stick with his game plan.
International criticism is widespread after Venezuela announces Maduro won re-election
Venezuela's mainstream opposition boycotted Sunday's vote, given two of its most popular leaders were barred, authorities had banned the coalition and various of its parties, and the election board is run by Maduro loyalists.
Goldman Environmental Prize winners fight for the health of children and deep sea life
This year’s Goldman Environmental Prize for Europe and the Island Nations went to a Filipino who took on the neurotoxin lead in paint and a French safe fishing activist who launched a campaign to end deep-sea bottom trawling in the EU.
Spring's uncertain arrival poses problems for migrating birds
Migrating songbirds have finally found the springtime weather in North America that they need to survive and thrive. Only a couple of weeks ago, they had to fight unusual cold and deep snows in the Northern states.
Two friends from South Africa share the Goldman Environmental Prize
Two winners of the 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize were a team of grassroots activists from South Africa. Their efforts quashed a secret deal between Russia and the South African government to build expensive and wasteful nuclear power plants.
This is what the ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on the border means for people fleeing violence
A pregnant woman from Honduras and her young daughter broke away from a caravan and crossed the Rio Grande to get to the US. Had she done so just a few weeks later, she would have been arrested and separated from her child under a new DHS policy.
Putin’s media strategy? 'A free jazz orchestra.'
"What’s funny is that they are using the language of diversity of opinion and freedom of speech. 'What’s wrong with alternative opinions? More free speech? What’s wrong with free speech?' That’s kind of the language they’ve adopted, which is our language,” said Russia expert Peter Pomerantsev.
Animal artists
From dog painters to elephant orchestras, can creatures really be creative?
Charles Mingus toilet trained his cat. We put his method to the test.
Crazy or brilliant? Jazz legend Charles Mingus came up with a method for toilet training his cat, so we tried it out on a kitty named Dizzy.
How do you take the perfect dog portrait? The Dogist has you covered.
Trust the man. He’s photographed 15,000 dogs.
From trailer park pups to Hollywood: How to train a four-legged star
Here's what it took to get a cute, slobbery dog to play the tough guy in the Hungarian film "White God."
Laika's dream
The celebrated Soviet dog launched into space in 1957 … and never came home.
Who’s a good audience? You are! Yes, you are!
Multimedia artist Laurie Anderson performs concerts for the most loyal fans of all — dogs.
Why some South Koreans feel more positive about Kim Jong-un
“My parents told me that he killed his brother, so I was scared of him,” says 11-year-old Chung Ye-in. “I thought he was a bad person, but after seeing him, I think he looks friendly.”
The hardest question for a third culture kid: Where is home?
Karolina lives in Boston but grew up in several countries and speaks a bunch of languages. Her English is perfect but she doesn’t feel completely at home in it, or in American culture. Welcome to the world of third culture kids, a fast-growing group of people who fit in everywhere and nowhere.
An activist, an election and LGBTQ rights in Costa Rica
When an anti-LGBTQ candidate won the first round of presidential elections in Costa Rica, Vincenzo Bruno took to Facebook to denounce him.
An online campaign is rewriting Egyptian beauty standards
For years, Egyptian women of all ages have felt pressure to straighten their naturally curly hair. But now, a group of women have said enough is enough. Through an online campaign, they're trying to get Egyptian women to embrace their curls.
After bloodshed and US embassy protests, Israelis and Palestinians alike wonder what's next
Israeli forces killed 60 Palestinians on Monday, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry, and injured more than 2,200 by gunfire or tear gas. The violence continued Tuesday as Israeli forces killed one man, while thousands of Palestinians turned out for funerals.
Cape Cod restaurants brace for (another) tough summer without enough foreign workers
It's Groundhog Day on Cape Cod again. There's a shortage of summer workers, due at least in part to changes in the H-2B visa program, which allows American businesses to hire temporary, seasonal workers from overseas.
In Canada, a pipeline environmental engineer protests her former company's tar sands plan
Romilly Cavanaugh once worked as an environmental pipeline engineer for Trans Mountain, a unit of Kinder Morgan that’s now trying to expand a Canadian tar sands oil pipeline. But in March she joined 200 protestors trying to block pipeline construction. She now awaits trial for criminal contempt of court.
The 'valve turners': Activists faced jail time to briefly stop the flow of Canadian crude oil
Many environmental activists join rallies or marches, sign petitions and lobby legislators. But some feel the need for more drastic steps. In October 2016, five activists known as the “valve turners” halted the flow of crude oil through four different pipelines along the US-Canada border, knowing they would be arrested and possibly convicted.
A Mother's Day to end all wars
If you haven’t heard, Mother’s Day is this weekend.
Russia's RT is contesting the very meaning of 'truth'
RT wants "to create chaos by suggesting there is no such thing as objective truth, rather there are simply dozens of competing narratives.”
Trump, Kim summit in Singapore presents logistical challenges for North Korea
The choice of Singapore as the site of the first-ever meeting of a sitting US president and a North Korean leader was as much because it was within reasonable flight time and distance from Pyongyang as because of the island state’s political neutrality.
Isabella Rossellini's ‘Mammas’
An unsentimental look at motherhood in the animal kingdom.
How I learned to stop worrying and love the mom
When it comes to the intricacies of pregnancy, sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction.
Aha Moment: Mary Karr's 'Entering the Kingdom'
Finding inspiration in a poem.
Mother knows best
“One Day at a Time” showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett shares some of her favorite TV moms from classic sitcoms.
End of Iran nuclear deal cuts major diplomatic channel for Americans imprisoned in Iran
When Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear agreement, it cut a major diplomatic channel to Iran: Diplomats from Europe, China, Russia, the US and Iran would meet every three months. Family members of American citizens imprisoned in Iran viewed these quarterly meetings as a chance for their loved ones to be discussed and possibly freed.